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It was only a few days back when India recorded its first COVID-19 patient. Since then, we have crossed over 500K nationwide cases which continue to rise at an increasing rate of 20K cases per day. It is no secret how the virus has not only disrupted the whole economy but has also posed a challenge for our existing medical infrastructure. The healthcare sector has been on its heels. While the research institutes and laboratories continue their search for the antidote that we all have been waiting for, doctors and medical staff all over the nation have emerged as the frontline warriors in this fight against coronavirus. Despite the limited infrastructure and shortage of resources, it is truly admirable to see medical professionals coming out of their comfort zones and devoting long hours for serving the infected patients.

Patient Management System for PGI Chandigarh

As a show of gratitude from our end, we decided to put in our little efforts too. We worked with the (PGI Chandigarh) Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh for developing a Patient Management System to help them in optimizing the internal processes and effectively managing the increasing footfall. We developed an application that allows the patients to generate tokens for PGI Chandigarh. Upon registering, the user/patient can book an appointment online with the requested doctor by filling an online form disclosing the concern and the doctor they wish to consult. The dataset of doctors, departments, patients and booked appointments is managed by admin from the backend.

The system is further configured to prioritize senior citizens and female patients as tokens are generated considering age and gender criteria. This would help the hospital to increase operational efficiency by effectively managing the increasing footfall of patients while maintaining social distancing norms. For patients, this translates into a streamlined platform where they can access information about the availability of doctors and generate appointments accordingly while staying at home and avoiding unnecessary physical contact by standing in long queues.
Through this article, we would like to express our gratitude as we stay indebted to all the frontline workers, who have led this relief operation and proven themselves to be the backbone of our country in this moment of crisis. We would also like to thank PGI Chandigarh along with other medical institutes across the country for their continued devotion, efforts, and dedication towards saving lives and keeping the needs of the nation above their own during these difficult times.